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    IHM academy

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    Depending on experience

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  • Date Posted:

    2018-07-19 17:11:49

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    Head Coach - Ellesmere Site

Job Description

The Head Coach will work on and lead parts of the IH Manchester Football Academy based in Ellesmere College, Shropshire. The contract of employment will be from Monday 3rd September 2018 to Saturday 29th June 2019, with a view to becoming a permanent role year round, linking in with our Manchester site. This person will be primarily based at Ellesmere College, Shropshire, SY12 9AB, However may be required to work on other sites within reason, and will report to the Principal of IH Manchester for all aspects of their work.

• To lead the football coaching programme on a daily basis, representing the academy within the college and working to improve and develop the academy in the best interests of its students, employees and the academy itself.
• To ensure the implementation and continuous improvement of the academy’s ethos, rules, regulations, codes of conduct and guidelines.
• To participate in weekly meetings with the principal and with coaches, college staff, and additional IH Manchester staff as required.
• To work with Mick Brennan, Director (football), on development of the programme, regular reviews of the programme and CPD for you and programme staff. Looking at the programme structure, aims and objectives, ensuring that we deliver the promise to players and parents, planning ahead for future terms/seasons. Working on specific football related issues for the development of the programme, staff and players.
• To act as the main point of contact between the college and the academy.
• To liaise with and offer expertise and advice to all key, non-football specific academy staff in relation to the football activities of the programme, paying attention to their role within the organisation.
• To assist in all areas of academy administration including the completion of registers, session records and player reports.
• To ensure the Health and Safety of all participants is safeguarded and relevant legislation adhered to.
• To conduct high quality, engaging coaching sessions designed to develop the players as a team and individuals and to lead the coaching staff by setting weekly session goals, providing direction and ensuring the coherence, player development and enjoyment.
• To arrange and co-ordinate a regular and timely fixture programme for the academy, ensuring equal participation and involvement for all students through the year, and lead the team as manager. The fixture list should be planned well in advance (a term where possible) to facilitate easy organisation.
International House Ellesmere Football Academy

• To seek out further football opportunities for the programme e.g. guest speakers and sessions as well as practical and beneficial excursions in line with budget
• To assist with staffing timetables and the recruitment and induction of coaches.
• To lead and work with the players on a match analysis session/classroom based session once per week to assist in their understanding of the game and development and to conduct 1:1s as required.
• To work with individual students, coaching staff, teaching staff and support staff to ensure each student/player has an up to date goal setting record and to carry out one on ones and feedback sessions relating to the students/players on-field progress and targets.
• To work with students/players to look at opportunities in the football/sport industry, working closely with other support staff within the school and support and advise the students on these opportunities, documenting any action taken.
• To record and log all football activities for evidence, portfolios and reports and to collect photos, videos and testimonials for marketing in line with company policy and data protection legislation.
• To communicate with parents of the players in a timely manner with regards to timetables/fixtures/events that may be happening on the programme and keeping parents/students updated on progress in an honest and positive way.
• Ensuring that the line manager and other relevant members of staff are copied into communication.

Conditions, pay and benefits

• 14-16 coaching hours per week, Monday to Friday (coaching hours normally from 3pm onwards after school timetable, however in some cases sessions start at 4.30pm). Up to 10 administration hours per week. (this can be done onsite in the office at the college prior to coaching hours) One Saturday per month to lead an excursion/trip in football related field. Occasionally we will have a fixture on a Saturday morning too. Any extra Saturdays above the 1 per month will be paid as overtime.
• Pay is dependent upon experience and suitability for the role. This will be paid monthly one month in arrears. Reviewed annually.

Minimum of UEFA B required.

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