Who are Jobs in Football?

Jobs in Football is a job site catering for all levels of the game throughout the world. Whether you’re an experienced professional or looking to get your break in the game, we have opportunities for all. Over the years we’ve matched up candidates and employers from all football environments, from grassroots, soccer camps, academy teams all the way up to first teams. We also cover all aspects of the game, from Coaching, Media, Medical, Ground Staff etc.


Why should I set up an account?

Only subscribers to JIF are able to apply for premium jobs advertised on the site, which ensures only serious candidates with a strong and genuine interest apply. Additionally, subscribers can create their own personalized profile, allowing employers to scout and approach suitable candidates. 

How current are the job adverts?

All jobs advertisers will be up to date and current. When the closing date for a position has passed then that job advert shall be removed from the jobs page.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Please get in touch using our contact form.

I am a subscriber from the old JIF site. What happens now?

For subscribers to the old site, your current subscription will continue on the new site, however you will have to create a new profile. Your login details remain the same. For those on an annual subscription, your membership will renew automatically one year from subscription date and will remain at the old subscription cost.

Who sees my profile?

You have the option to make your profile visible to employers as part of your personal account settings. If your profile is visible employers will be able to scout and contact you through your profile, otherwise your profile will only be visible to you.

How do I change/cancel my subscription?

You can modify or cancel your membership within your personal account page. This will automatically change within Paypal and will modify/cancel all payments to JIF from your account. To ensure cancellation you can also confirm through your Paypal account.

I'm having problems signing in. Help!

The password recovery process will send a reset password link to your verified email address.

Do I need to create & submit a CV?

Your personalized profile will act as a CV, however an employer may ask for your full CV if you are considered suitable for a vacancy.

How do I know the recruiter has received my application?

Applications are automatically sent to the recruiters account, they will receive an email notification to inform them. Recruiters are under no obligation to respond to you directly.

How do I change or cancel email job alerts?

You can change your search/notification settings through your personal account page.


Why do I have to set up an account?

Employers have the option of posting single vacancies for a one off fee, which requires no subscription fee. However with a monthly or annual account, employers can post unlimited vacancies. Additionally, employers with an account have the opportunity to scout personnel from our vast pool of high quality candidates.

JIF is set up to give employers the ability to fully manage all their postings and accounts.

As an employer, how many ads can I post?

This depends entirely on the product pack that you purchase (we offer 3 different options) however the top end pack will allow you to post as many jobs as you wish within a 12 month period.

Who sees the job vacancies posted?

Job vacancies appear at the top of search listings as 'Premium Job' entries. These are larger than regular results and include your logo.

All site visitors can see your job vacancy, however, only subscribers can go on to apply for the vacancy. This ensures only serious and genuine candidates will apply for the position.

How long are job vacancies listed for?

Job vacancies will be listed for 2 months from the initial posting date. However, through your account you have the option to remove the posting at any time of your choosing. Also, those with an account can re-post jobs if the vacancy has not been filled.

How many accounts can each employer have?

Multiple accounts can be setup if required, however they will not be linked and will be considered as separate entities.

How many users can each employer account have?

For the time being, each employer account can only have 1 user login. If multiple people intend on using the account then the login details will have to be shared.