What to wear to your job interview

Whilst the “I have nothing to wear” phrase has traditionally been placed firmly in the females camp, dressing for a job interview now days can cause angst amongst both parties.

The interview is an important part of the hiring process and what you wear is part of that as it can show a great deal about how you feel about yourself and the company you are potentially working for.


Granted this isn’t the case in every business and industry, the saying used to be “dress for the job you want”, but the important part of this is to do your homework on the industry you are interviewing to work in and (arguably most importantly) the company you are interviewing to work in!


The Jobs in Football team have put together our top 5 suggestions for “what to wear to your interview”.


Do your research.

Do your homework for the company you are wanting to work for, this not only shows you are invested in the business but will also help you feel a little more comfortable in the meeting room during the interview.


Keep it simple.

An interview is not the time or flashy jewellery, statement tees and labeled clothes. Unless, of course, the company and industry are modeled around these… in which case, refer to number 1.


Check your clothes and shoes the day before.

You do not need the last minute panic of a missing button, creased shirt or dirty shoes on interview day. Check your clothes and shoes the day before and make that part of your preparation for the interview.


Iron your shirt/t-shirt/dress/trousers.

Interview day is not the day to try and wing it with a creased shirt or pair of trousers. Make ironing your clothes part of the preparation process the day before.


Avoid jeans.

Even if the company is fairly causal on a day–to-day basis and many of the employers wear jeans, avoid them at the interview stage and opt for a t-shirt with business causal trousers instead or a clean pair of smart trainers as an alternative.


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