The top 5 mistakes to avoid when formatting your C.V.

The role you're about to apply for might not just be your dream job - it could be the dream career for hundreds of others too. That's why it's essential to make sure your C.V stands out for all the right reasons and not for silly mistakes.

We’ve outlined some common mistakes that we see from jobseekers over and over again. That way you can make sure you avoid them to keep your C.V. on the list for interview.

Embarrassing Email Address

It might have been cute to be known as fluffy_kittycat74 when you were 15 but as a serious jobseeker, it would be better to change it to something more sensible. After all, you want to appear professional, credible and employable when you mail your CV into an inbox. Start as you mean to go on! 

Poor Formatting

If your CV is one big long paragraph with no grammar, spelling mistakes and lots of job descriptions packed together it’s difficult for anyone to even think about reading never mind asking you to come to an interview…. isn’t it?

Instead, make sure you list latest job role first, with a brief overarching description of responsibilities before shorter descriptions of other roles, coupled with a few key achievements for each. This is much easier for the employer to digest and makes for quick, clear reading.

Down Right Lying

If you aren’t really best mates with Wayne Rooney or the nephew of Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s probably best you don’t say that you are. This applies to skills too – it’s better not to say you are the world’s best expert on Excel if you struggle to open a spreadsheet.

It’s better to list your abilities honestly, making the best of what you have on offer.

Too Long

It’s easy to get carried away, cramming in all of your achievements since 1973, but your potential employer doesn’t want to read a 30-page C.V.

If you feel that it’s really important to list attributes, why not try using skills graphs instead. These enable the employer to see your abilities clearly and quickly.

File Name

Once you’re happy with the final result and you’ve got someone else to proof read it for you, make sure you save the file under something sensible. If you send on your file and it’s otherwise known as – it might make the wrong impression.


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