The professional coaching opportunity of a lifetime – the Darren Bowman China Coaching Project

Having experienced eleven fantastic coaching seasons at Manchester City in various roles and predominately one of the lead development phase coaches, Darren Bowman was presented with the football coaching opportunity of a lifetime in Shanghai.

And now he wants other likeminded individuals to join him on an innovative pathway that is already transforming youth football in China.

With an ambition to inspire, nurture and progress both boys and girls through football, The Darren Bowman Coaching Project hopes to not only help youth players in Shanghai and its provinces get fit and sharpen enviable football skills but to also holistically develop their wider social skills and fuel confidence through sport. 

But what does it take to become a part of this unique coaching programme that trains in excess of 40,000 school aged students per month? We spoke with Darren Bowman to find out more:

The Coaching Opportunity – Shanghai, China 

“We are on the lookout for British coaching talent to join us out here in China in what is most certainly one of the best potential opportunities an individual on the professional coaching pathway might encounter. 

“Unlike the coaching development pathway in the UK, which can be limiting and difficult to progress within, The Darren Bowman Coaching Project is designed to provide consistent and continuous development to both men and women with a passionate mind-set.  

“Those with emotional intelligence and who understand and can implement the use of psychology in sport will join a pathway to success with us here in Shanghai. These individuals will join a 15-strong full-time team of coaches on a fast-track coaching development programme. The Darren Bowman Coaching Project is a movement that holds ambitions of exceptional growth to become one of the best in the world, so it’s an exciting opportunity for the right candidates. 

“Not only will they receive a minimum 2-year contract and get to live and work in the world’s most populous, clean and safe cities with students ranging from 6-19 years old, but they will also receive incredible support from the project itself to ensure 27-week coaching frameworks and methodologies are implemented tactfully.”

Successful candidates will be expected to dedicate themselves to the implementation of coaching frameworks for all levels of youth football, including PE sessions within the provinces’ primary, middle and high schools to after school squads and semi-professional teams at universities. These teams are much larger than they might have already experienced in the UK, with an average class consisting of 50 players and some after school grade one classes holding up to 150 students. 

Darren continues, “While coaches follow a technical and tactical structured methodology, they are given the flexibility to implement and deliver frameworks in their own unique way. However, with flexibility comes accountability and coaches are required to observe sessions, provide tactical analysis and reporting, as well as attending regular self-development coaching sessions. 

“It’s important that these coaches can find different ways to win with each player – identifying strengths and supporting areas for development to celebrate individual successes as well as all-team triumphs. We’re looking for imaginative leaders who can identify, inspire and obtain peak flow from their players - and that comes with a lot of hard work.

“When I think back to how I started my coaching career in the UK, it was very different. There weren’t opportunities like this around for individuals looking to progress professionally as a football coach. Currently, it is still quite common for an individual to be holding down a few part-time jobs while also progressing on their coaching pathway, so it can be a tough journey and not everyone makes it to an Academy coaching level.

“For the right individuals, the Darren Bowman Coaching Project is offering a step up in the coaching world and an experience of a lifetime and we can’t wait for them to join us.”

Do you have what it takes?

Discover the full requirements and an overview of the available role with the Darren Bowman China Coaching project here.

To find out more about Darren Bowman and the project, visit his website here.