The Importance of Pre-Season Training Camps

A chance to re-group, acclimatise for foreign games or just a just jolly, however you see pre-season training camps (often abroad) it is the time to build a solid foundation for the long season ahead.

The majority of footballers hate pre-season training as coming back after some much needed rest, and perhaps less than normal fitness levels, can be a painful reminder of what lies ahead physically. Professional footballers need to be in peak condition, which means this grueling summer regime is not for the faint hearted.


High-intensity interval training is the name of the game, which includes running….and lots of it!


The month of July is one of meticulous planning to be in the shape of their lives for the August start.


Bodies are pushed to the limits and pain barriers are broken but all in the name of the good game and striving to be the best team in the world.


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The Importance of Pre-Season Training Camps