Poll Reveals Job Satisfaction Remarkably Low In Surveyed Workforce

A recent poll* by Jobsinfootball.com, the Football job site designed for both jobseekers and employers, has revealed that 38% of respondents have 2 - 3 bad days at work PER WEEK!


When asked the question, “How many bad days do you have at work?”, 38% of respondents voted 2 – 3 days per week, a staggering 33% voted every day, 22% voted once a month and a lucky 7% voted never.  

David R. Smith, Director of Jobs in Football, aims to boost workplace engagement and enjoyment by matching candidates with jobs and careers in an industry they love.

Mr Smith says, “Growing up I had always dreamt about launching a career in the football industry, but this was something that was always seen by others as a bit of a pipe dream. Therefore, it’s something that wasn’t encouraged and didn’t happen for me.

“The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, that is a 1/3rd of your life! That’s far too much time in your place of work to dislike your daily job. Another recent survey carried out by YouGov UK** revealed that 10% of the employed British adults they surveyed dislike their jobs. That is a sad statistic, it is very difficult to get out bed 5 days a week or more to go to a workplace which you dislike. 

“Jobs in Football aims to realistically demonstrate how to turn a hobby and a love for the game into a worthwhile career. The first couple of months of a new year sees many people make significant life changes so I would urge the people in these top statistics to look at other job opportunities and take the first step in making their daily lives a happier place. Football is continuing to expand not only at home but all across the globe, with clubs and nations investing heavily in building towards the future. As a result, there will be more and more possibilities and opportunities within the game. 

David concludes, “We stand firm in the belief that if you find a job within an industry you already have a love for, you will be more engaged and excited about career prospects for the future. Many individuals dream of being professional footballers, but for those that don’t make it, we wanted to show that it doesn’t have to be the end of the dream. There is a wide range of jobs available within the industry at entry level and within more senior roles for anyone keen on changing their career direction.” 



*Jobs in Football twitter survey was conducted on 16th Jan 2018