Is the Champions League losing viewers?

Ahead of Man City vs Napoli this evening in the Champions League (19:45 BST), Jobs in Football asks, "Is the Champions League losing viewers?"

It was reported that more people watched Cardiff vs Leeds in the Championship than Tottenham playing in the Champions League last month.

The Cardiff City v Leeds United game drew in more than three times the number of viewers who watched Tottenham Hotspur’s European match.

A new TV agreement announced by the English Football League means that there is now direct competition for viewers between Sky’s league coverage and BT Sport’s Champions League programmes on some nights. Viewing figures show that the Cardiff v Leeds match, shown on Sky, had an average of 309,000 viewers, similar to the average for Championship games this season, while an average of just 93,000 watched the Premier League giants on BT Sport.

Up until this season, domestic matches could not be shown on the same night as Champions League games, although that deal ended in March.

So do the TV figures suggest many fans are simply now choosing to watch the Championship over other more high-profile games?

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Is the Champions League losing viewers?