How to prepare a video CV

Today more and more brands are looking for new ways to find and screen the best talent. Goldman Sachs are using AI to match people and job types and 02 are putting candidates through escape room type activities to test problem solving skills.

As a candidate it is increasingly important to stand out from the crowd and one way to achieve this is by submitting a video CV.


We have put together our top tips for preparing a video CV. 


No one is expecting to see you deliver a short film worthy of a festival, the aim of the video CV is to show your personality and bring your CV to life. All that you need to get started is a good quality smart phone or video recorder.  Make sure the picture is clear and the lighting is good, it important that the interviewer can watch the video on any device size so make sure you consider this when you set up the filming area.  The room should look professional, so the less distractions in the room the better. 



It is important to prepare your script in advance. Trying to improvise your CV is only going to lead to mistakes and missed information. Make sure you know what you want to say and in which order. You can follow the same format as a written CV, introduce yourself and explain your key skills, then give an overview of the last 5 years of employment. Finish by recapping how your experience has led to you having the skills required for the job. 

For Football Coaches, you can even display an example of your coaching work on the training ground.



Although you are not expected to deliver a masterpiece it is important to provide important information. For example, you could include a slide at the beginning of your video that lists your name, contact details and qualifications. The video could end with a slide that offers references.  Try not to overdo it, you do not want to detract from the video content.


Supporting Content

When you send in your video CV make sure you include a written introduction in the email. Although you want to stand out you must also remain polite, including a covering later gives you the chance to put in writing some key points while directing the employer to the video to find out more.


Be Creative

Be creative…. If you are brave enough. If you have a key skill such as the ability to speak a second language the video CV is the perfect opportunity to showcase these skills. Try and stand out by showing skills you would be less able to express on a written CV.


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