How to get coaching experience at a football club

If you’re on the coaching pathway, it’s likely that you will want to gain some kind of hands-on experience working at a football club in your chosen profession.

But how easy is it to make some headway and learn side-by-side with qualified professionals?

It can be quite challenging to find the right fit and to stand out from the hundreds of others that have also applied. While there are many ways to get involved in coaching, Jobs in Football has provided some tried and tested advice to help you score some invaluable club experience.

Make you are on the right pathway to success

The FA and SFA run courses for aspiring coaching at all levels. The pathway to becoming a football coach is quite straight forward as long as you continue to make progress and gain relevant experience.

You can find out more about the FA Level 1 & Level 2 in Coaching Football courses with your local County FA here.

You can use this finder tool to discover your closest Scottish FA coaching course.

Consider local and lower league teams

Start with what you know. If you have previously played for a local or lower league team, contact the coach in place with the club and ask if you can get involved on a voluntary basis. Explain how passionate you are about coaching and how you are keen to learn and contribute towards the progression of a local team you were once a part of.

Football cannot run without volunteers and the dedication of those that give their time will be truly recognised. They will more than likely be glad to speak with you and if there isn’t a current placement for you, they will keep you in mind for when there is. 

Seek internship opportunities

There are many opportunities available around the country which enable those looking to develop their coaching skills to gain invaluable hands-on experience. From planning and preparing football coaching sessions to supporting events and working on youth football and community sport projects, internships provide a vast range of experience that will equip you with desirable skills as you progress towards your qualification.

Browse our range of football internships here.

Think about an international coaching internship

It is possible to gain experience through a voluntary or paid-for international coaching internship. There are numerous opportunities available around the world, which help you build on your coaching experience while running training sessions for those just starting out and higher quality semi-professionals. 

Find a selection of international internship opportunities here.

If you have found the right blend of experience and are interested in finding the right football coaching job for you, we have a range of new coaching jobs listed on our site. Find the latest opportunities here.