How technology and social media has changed recruitment.

Undeniably, we could cite the internet as one of the biggest developments of our time and alongside the this is the use of social media and technology in our everyday lives and working environment.

This is no different in the world of recruitment, from both the recruiters point of view and the recruitee. Approximately 2 billion internet users are using social networks. Facebook was the first social media network to reach over a billion active users (currently sitting at 2.2 billion monthly active users) and business-focused social media channel, LinkedIn has over 500 million users and 10 million active job posts.


In recent years, social media marketing and networking has had a clear shift towards mobile platforms. Smartphone and tablets as well as mobile web access have aided our use of technology and social media platforms; and this is not likely to change in the near future. This constant presence in our daily lives (both home and work), means that technology and social media have a strong impact and persuasive power on our job choices and buying options. has put together these top 5 ways we have found technology and social media have changed recruitment.


The ability to narrow down a job search using keywords

Job seekers and recruiters can use an online recruitment website and relevant keywords to narrow down a search to location, job title, key job descriptions and even employers.


Social Media marketing

Recruiters have the ability to recruit individuals via targeted online marketing and showcase available jobs, seek out specific candidates or advertise a company that is hiring or experiencing big growth and numerous employment opportunities.


Artificial Intelligence

AI for recruiting is the art of applying artificial intelligence to the part of the recruitment process that is the most time consuming.  The technology is designed to automate some part of the recruiting workflow, especially repetitive tasks and weedling through applications at the start of the hiring process.


Using technology to stand out from the crowd

With our smartphones capable of the same things that most DSLR cameras and traditional video recorders are, applicants have the ability to put out some pretty clever and creative content at the start of the hiring process. Video CVs are on the rise and (if the job application allows for it) applying for a job in a non-conventional way will help you stand out from the crowd.


Technology allows for better recruitment practises and time-saving

Using technology during the recruitment process, ultimately means a sleeker process for both the applicant and the recruitment. Real-time data lets you know where to spend your time and energy and can play a big part in the time-consuming part of the process, particularly at the start with the potential for a high volume of job applicants for a vacancy.


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