Brighton Focus - Building A Footballing Town

Just 20 years ago, Brighton & Hove Albion were battling to stay in the Football League. Not only did the team nearly go out of the league, but they also lost their stadium.

 Fast forward 20 years and the team are about to kick start their Premier League campaign, a world away from what could have been.


Facing adversity the club and local community formed a strong bond, which has been one of the driving forces behind the success of the club.


Following the new £120 million stadium in Falmer came a new £32 million training ground and, including squad investment, Brighton & Hove Albion owner and chairman Tony Bloom’s overall outlay for Brighton now exceeds £250 million.

The clubs ethos and inclusion means all 250 staff are given the same free nutritious food as the players for both breakfast and lunch. The away fans are treated with rare respect, their concourse is always lit up in their colours and local beers and even foods are shipped in.


True spirit, determination and hard work have paid off for the club.


Jobs in Football wish the team all the best as they start their Premier League campaign in August. Watch this space!


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Brighton Focus - Building A Footballing Town