5 Of The Best Books From Prominent Football Coaches

There have been many managers in history who you may have wanted to ask questions of. How did Alex Ferguson lead Manchester United to so many victories, what does Pep Guardiolas day to day management approach consist of?

Jobsinfootball.com has put together a list of the 5 books from prominent football coaches to give you more insight into the men behind the teams.


1. Alex Ferguson - Leading: Business and leadership skills from the iconic football manager

Amazon – From £5.99


In his 38 years in football management, Sir Alex Ferguson won an astonishing 49 trophies and helped Manchester United become one of the biggest commercial brands in the world.  In this inspirational and straight-talking book, Sir Alex Ferguson reveals the secrets behind his record-breaking career.


Both the psychology of management and the detail of football strategy at the top level can be complex matters but here Sir Alex has explained them in a more interesting and accessible way for the general reader.


 2. Pep Guardiola - Pep Guardiola: The Evolution

Amazon – From 10.49


Pep Guardiola: The Evolution takes the reader on a journey through his action packed seasons with Bayern as they smashed domestic records yet struggled to emulate that dominance in Europe. The book analyses Guardiola's management style through key moments on and off the field. Perarnau reveals how Guardiola improved as a manager at Bayern despite failing to land the ultimate prize in European football, examines his decision to leave Germany to take up the challenge at Manchester City and how his managerial style will continue to evolve in the Premier League.


3. Jose Mourinho – Mourinho

Amazon – From £16.99


Mourinho is a beautifully illustrated book which is both a celebration of The Special One's managerial career so far, and a real insight into his unique brand of football wisdom and philosophy.


In the legendary manager's very first book, and in his own images and captions, Jose Mourinho charts the peaks and troughs of the opening fifteen years of his career.


Through more than 120 personally selected images (some of which are exclusive to the book), fans will see an intimate and unmissable opportunity to understand and further appreciate Jose Mourinho.


4. Jürgen Klopp's – Klopp Bring the Noise

Amazon – From £9.99


Jürgen Klopp's super-sized personality and all-or-nothing style of football and management made him the perfect choice to manage and be successful at Liverpool. The appointment sparked hysteria in the city with fans and club officials delighted to get the coach they’d long admired from afar and eager to see the impact he would have on the club and the Premier League.  In this book we see in an insight into the man behind the excitement. 


5Rafa Benitez - Rafa Benitez

Amazon – From £12.99


A vivid and lively account of the personal and professional life of the much-admired former Liverpool manager who led his team to an astounding victory in the Champions League, the pinnacle of European football.