3 controversial goal-line decisions that needed GLT

Hawk-Eye’s Goal Line Technology (GLT) has now become an integral part of football, having become the first company to receive a FIFA GLT license. It holds the aim of providing a more accurate, reliable and trusted goal line decision during play.

Essentially, it takes away any controversy surrounding goal-line incidents but it has only been in play since 2014. We take a look at the top three controversial decisions which might have been solved had it been in use back then.


  1. Dundee United v Partick Thistle, 1993 – Scottish Premier League


Dundee United’s Paddy Connolly blasted the ball into the back of the net and scored a perfectly good goal from a corner. When the ball came back out, Partick Thistle defender, Martin Clark picked the ball up and handed it to the keeper to send it up-field for the re-start. However, officials failed to spot the goal, missed Clark picking up the ball and waved to continue play.


  1. Chelsea v Tottenham, 2012 – FA Cup Semi-Final


Chelsea were awarded a strange goal when playing against Tottenham. Why was it strange? The ball didn’t even appear to come close to crossing the line. However, when Martin Atkinson signalled that it was a goal, Juan Mata made away in celebration that the score was now 2-0 Chelsea.


  1. Germany v England, 2010


Having hit the perfect lob over the German goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, Frank Lampard hit the underside of the bar before seeing it drop a yard over the line. England had equalised and were back in the game. Or so everyone thought. Despite it being a clear goal, both the referee and the linesman missed it. Was it a goal?


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3 controversial goal-line decisions that needed GLT