Birmingham City Football Club is a professional association club based in the city of Birmingham, England and was formed in 1875. The club has seen many guises and has been previously known as Small Heath Alliance, Small Heath and Birmingham, finally becoming Birmingham FC in 1943. The club’s home is St Andrew’s stadium, which is an association football stadium in the Bordesley district of Birmingham, England. It has been the home ground of the club for more than a century and has a capacity of over 29,000.


Birmingham’s industrial history made the city the workshop of the world, drawing people to the city from far and wide. Communities from every continent have made their home in Birmingham over hundreds of years and have brought with them a cornucopia of cuisines, cultural festivals and faiths that have all been adopted into the city. Birmingham is the 2nd largest city in the UK and has a population of 1,111,307. 


Birmingham City Football Club values the talents and abilities of its staff and seeks to foster an open, cooperative, and dynamic environment in which staff and the Club alike can flourish. The Club provides an Open Door Policy in which staff are encouraged to be innovative and strive for continuous improvements to the Club and it’s services.

Birmingham City Football Club endeavours to provide a staff-friendly environment in which goal-oriented individuals thrive as they achieve ever more demanding challenges. The policies and procedures at the Club, provide for a work environment in which both customer and staff interests are served.


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